Sunday, November 14, 2010

Vidal sasoon

Sunday 14th Nov

In the morning I received an article from a friend via email. The article mentioned Prof.Bernard Lewis as a Zinoist strategist. I never heard of this name so I googled 'Bernard Lewis' and found a video of him speaking at the Vidal Sasoon Centre at Hebrew University. "Vidal Sasoon"? I knew this as a kind of shampoo but what have the shampoo got to do with Israel? So I googled 'Vidal Sasoon' and found some interesting information. Vidal Sasoon is not a company but a person; he was a Zionist who was a hair dresser, spent time as part of Israel armed gangs in the 1950s and later became popular with his saloon and hair products. Later in the evening at about 6pm, I stepped into the car, switched on the radio and the BBC world service was airing "The Interview". Guess who was on air? Mr. Vidal Sasoon!!

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