Saturday, August 16, 2008

Two times stucked at Smart tag Tol gate

16 August 2008:

I do not have/use smart tag. Today I was with a friend on his Merck with Smart Tag.

As we are approaching Kempas tol plaza, a fast sports car just in front of us got stuck at the smart tag lane..

In the next tol plaza (skudai), a Myvi cut in just front of us into the smart tag lane just before the gate. The car has no smart tag and we all had to reverse all the way!

Two times stucked at the smart tag gate in a span of a few minutes? Deja Vu!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Two Indian Taxi Drivers in one day

13 August 2008

8.45am Bought taxi coupon for KLIA - MTDC trip. By random choice, the KLIA taxi was driven by a nice and courteous Indian... I even paid a special tip for his good service.

3.45pm My host called radio taxi company and a taxi turned up to pick up .. the driver was also a nice Indian guy.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Surah AliImran, same aayat in one nite..

Monday 11th August.. at 10pm attended usrah and listened to tafsir of Surah Ali Imran:80-85. Later while on the road on the way home at about 12 midnite, switched on Radio Ikim, and the very same aayat were being read...!

Mark Tyson twice in one nite

Sunday 10th August .. at about 10pm watched someone saying he had once knocked down Mike Tyson. Later in the nite on another Channel, the name Mike Tyson appeared again in the sports section.

One Ustaz two places

Thursday 31st July 2008.. while searching the internet and stumbled upon a website belonging to one Ustaz Khairudin, ex-UKM now a free-lancer. The next day Friday 1st August saw posters around the mosque advertising his programme in UTM.