Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nat in Perlis

Tuesday 16th November

I went to Nat (Pasar Mingguan, every Tuesday like Pasar Tani at Simpang Empat) with a long list of things to buy for Hari Raya. I went to the first stall selling dry spices and all. I bought onions etc. How much? RM8.40. The stall does not have all that I want. I needed cili kering, bawang goreng, serbuk kari etc. So I stopped at the next stall selling similar products. How much? RM8.40!!

Vidal sasoon

Sunday 14th Nov

In the morning I received an article from a friend via email. The article mentioned Prof.Bernard Lewis as a Zinoist strategist. I never heard of this name so I googled 'Bernard Lewis' and found a video of him speaking at the Vidal Sasoon Centre at Hebrew University. "Vidal Sasoon"? I knew this as a kind of shampoo but what have the shampoo got to do with Israel? So I googled 'Vidal Sasoon' and found some interesting information. Vidal Sasoon is not a company but a person; he was a Zionist who was a hair dresser, spent time as part of Israel armed gangs in the 1950s and later became popular with his saloon and hair products. Later in the evening at about 6pm, I stepped into the car, switched on the radio and the BBC world service was airing "The Interview". Guess who was on air? Mr. Vidal Sasoon!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Speech Day

I am invited to deliver a speech at a Private School in Kuantan on 21st November 2010, 14 Zulhijjah 1431.

This evening I intend to edit a similar speech I gave to another private school in Johor last year. I opened the old powerpoint document and found that last year the same speech in Johor was delivered on 4th Zulhijah 1430  or.......... 21st November 2009!